“There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry, Mine!”

Abraham Kuyper

Work. Relationships. Community. Church. Commitment. Desires. Dreams. Expectations. Have to do’s. Disappointments. Pain. Gifts. Possessions. Plans. Hobbies. Authority. Money. Time. Neighbors. Families. Schools. Food.


My life exists for a story much greater than myself and yet internally it seems as if everything exists to serve me. However, once you begin to embrace the truth that a Good Father has placed you within a specific community with a unique story full of desires and that it is all for Him, you are freed up to surrender, dream, love and trust the beautiful design that is made available to step into by the hope of glory, Jesus Christ.

A few things I have learned throughout this year as I have been working out this truth from my head to my heart are -

1. He is a good God whom you can trust with your desires. He knows you and your cracks and desires to quench your thirst (John 4:15). This statement can come across as tied up in a pretty bow because many times our desires are directly connected to disappointment. It is a daily battle to find encouragement to seek the real Jesus and not to be defeated in the deceitful image of an oppressive God who simply implants desire, then teaches by taking.

2. Where there is evil in your heart, weed it out with actions of sacrificial love and watch the way God designed relationship to transform your heart to a love that is fuller and deeper than the love you originally noticed you were missing. Sometimes it can feel fake to act lovingly towards people who drive you crazy, but this is the design of change the Gospel sets before us (Romans 5:8).

3. Commitment and forced routines can feel constraining, but a long obedience in the same direction is fruitful. I have seen this play out in relationships, work, church, family. The God of the Bible is a God of keeping His word. He is a covenant God. The design for this commitment is the example set by the steadfast love of God that is demonstrated from the beginning of time.