I am a pro at making a temporary home. It’s alI know. Growing up in the military, college was the first time I had lived anywhere more than three years. For the first time I sat and experienced seasons of life with friends and family that had previously been shortened or sped through just because they had to be. In college I felt security in the promised four years to allow myself to fully invest, which is why that move probably ranked among the hardest in my 22 years.

Moving to Tennessee I was fully prepared to set up another temporary life the way I had before and get everything I could out of the projected year I would be there. But what I didn’t expect and prep for was how quickly I would fall in love with it all…

But I did, I fell in love with: Nashville, West End Community Church, Mondays?!?!, 16 wonderful people, and yes maybe even Liturgy.

I realized how hard and quickly I had fallen when I found myself growing sad thinking about the six short months we have left in this sweet, sacred season as Fellows. I feel a little shaken at how quickly I have been shaped and pushed to grow by these people and this place. I suppose in a lot of ways, I shouldn’t be surprised as God has faithfully used communities of believers throughout time to “spur one another on” (Hebrews 10:24) and to reveal His face through the lives of those we encounter daily. I know Jesus better because of each and every one of these people, their quirks, passions, and personalities. They all reveal a new side to Jesus that I hadn’t considered or encountered before. The Lord has faithfully shown up where He has placed me and with those He has chosen to surround me, and in the process I have felt Him bring down the walls I am accustomed to keeping in temporary places.

There are many unknowns looking ahead towards the future, but as is my nature, it seems it won’t be long before I am heading to the next place. I will step into the next state, city, and community alongside my new husband (what!!), but I will go this time feeling more free to fall in love with where the Lord has placed me and look for ways to invest as if there is no time limit on our stay.

I will choose to see the next six months as a long time. To be grateful and filled with overflowing thanks for this time, this place, and the people who challenge, support, and love the heck out of me and each other. It is because of them and the past three months that I hope to love every temporary home as if I am planting roots for forever.