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Our Timeline:

1993 - The Fellows Program was initially founded by the Reverend John Yates in Falls Church, VA at The Falls Church Anglican just outside of Washington, DC. 

2009 -2011 - Bo and Sarah Bartholomew began hosting living room conversations with Nashvillians who all had experience within a Fellows program. Their conversations centered around potentially launching a Nashville Fellows Program. Together, they developed a vision for a local program that would build relationships between churches that hold common core beliefs but belong to different denominations. 

2011 - The Fellows Initiative began discussions with Bo and Sarah to officially launch a multi-church, ecumenical Fellows Program to equip young adults to love the church, excel vocationally, and live missionally in every aspect of life. The Fellows Initiative is the support organization providing leadership and resourcing to the 27+ Fellows Programs across the US. 

2012 - Co-founders of The Nashville Fellows Program, Bo & Sarah Bartholomew, pulled together Leigh Spruill (St. George’s Episcopal Church), Carter Crenshaw (West End Community Church), and Scott Sauls (Christ Presbyterian Church) as leadership, determining from the start that Senior Pastor involvement was critical for the success of the Nashville Fellows Program. All three churches contributed toward funding in order to officially launch the Nashville Fellows Program

2013 - In its first year, the three co-founding churches of the Nashville Fellows Program owned and shared the leadership load. Roundtables were held weekly at the Bartholomew’s home, and Shane Bowen was hired as the first NFP Director. 

2015-present - Serving as Executive Director of the Nashville Fellows Program, Theresa Wilson has provided leadership and oversight as the program has grown in size and budget. Since 2015, we have seen:

  • Increased organizational structure

  • Completion of filing and confirmation of independent 501(c)3 status

  • Further establishment of the NFP Board as a governance board with multiple committees (admissions, jobs, etc.) 

  • Establishment of care teams at each of the three churches who serve in a shepherding role 

Currently fielding 30-40 applications per year for 13 spots, The Nashville Fellows Program continues to thrive and mature.