The Nashville Fellows program is seriously cool... I mean AWESOME.  Through it, I've gained lifelong friendships, experienced true authentic community, worshiped and served in an Episcopal church for the first time ever (and grown to love it!), discovered a job I love, and ultimately learned that the Gospel story of Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Glorification, is so dang big... and the unique way God wants to use me in it is so dang exciting. - Stewart Goodwin


Why not Nashville Fellows? It's a great city with a lot to offer, and after being here I couldn't imagine being anywhere else. - Jeana Medlin


The simplest way to answer this is that a series of circumstances during my senior year of college and the following summer made it clear that my next step was to be in Nashville. I came here to explore the music industry and ended up falling in love with the city and now plan on investing myself in whatever sphere I am placed in here in Nashville. - Spencer Holleman


 We are a ragtag group of strangers that by God's grace has become the most deeply-bonded family. These people won't just be in my wedding; God willing, we will be swapping grandparent advice 40 years from now. - Jessie Sellers


The career path...  The relationship...  My purpose...  It was time that I stopped trying to get out; it was time to dive into life, into family, into work, into theology, into a brand new city.  Little did I know that I would be given a true community whose love, challenge and support I could not escape. - Becca Vinson