*The Fellows Program is dedicated to engaging young leaders with the beauty and the ugliness of our culture - seeking to be thoughtful in our responses and praying to shed light into even the darkest places. This week a Fellow reflects on tragedy amidst the Fellows' year.

It is Sunday morning. I wake up, shower, brush my teeth, and prepare for the day ahead. It was a beautiful day as I remember, not too hot or cold, but just right. I went to church, then had lunch with some friends, and later on went to a concert. I even somehow managed to get a full tank of gas for $0.12.  A miracle right? If you had asked me how my day was going I would have told you it was pretty good. I mean, it was just another day, I thought. That was up until the next morning. 

At least 50 dead and hundreds injured. 

Let that sink in. 

That is the headline I woke up to last Monday morning. What? Why? How? Those were my first questions as I wrestled with what has actually happened in our country once again. I really couldn’t believe what had occurred. I mean so many people, like me, that may have thought Sunday was just another day. 

After the initial shock wore off I found myself thinking, “This is how it is. This is what our country has come to.” I sadly felt the conviction of thinking I should indeed normalize these tragedies that are happening in our country daily. I had actually come to the point of thinking this is all we are. 

As I sit with the fact that we are broken people, I can’t truly make myself believe that this is all we are as a country. There has to be more to us than this. In fact, I am reminded of the fact that even in scripture suffering occurred and God was faithful then, so I know that He will be faithful now. Romans 8:18-19 NIV - “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed.” 

I don’t understand all the reasons why these things happen, but I do know that they are not worth comparing to the glory of God that will later be revealed in us. It is through this verse that I am able to find hope for the future. I am also reminded through this tragedy to appreciate each day as if it is our last. Even on the days that seem insignificant, they are important and should be appreciated.