At the opening BBQ, the first day the Fellows moved to Nashville, Theresa shared a quote from Henri Nouwen with us:

“The best gift we can offer each other is not our togetherness but our brokenness.”

I was surprised and a little confused that Theresa would start our time together with a quote so impactful and heavy on the first day of the program.  The words seemed to fit together nicely, but the meaning of them was strange and unreliable.

Fast forward 6 months and her words ring truer today than they did the first time she said them. 

Over the course of this semester; Monday morning classes, round table, testimonies, weekend retreats and so much more, these Fellows have embedded themselves in the depths of my heart.

These people who used to be strangers are now some of my best people.  They know what motivates me, what drives me, what makes me happy, and what frustrates me.  They know the depths of my heart and they love me anyway.

As a group, we have experienced some dark days together.  Days that are sometimes filled with sickness, depression, anxiety, death, isolation, and loneliness.  But beyond the reach of darkness, they are each shining lights.  They are my supporters, fans, cheerleaders, and truth-tellers.  They point me back to the gospel and to who I am when I lose sight.  

They are my people.  The ones who love me regardless of the situation.  They have slowly crept into my life and nested there.  I am better because I know each and every one of them, and I know Christ better because of them.  

This blog is about people; for the friends and fellows that celebrate life with us in the good and the bad times. This is community at its finest. 

When we graduate this program in May our community will be altered.  Some will move away and some will stay, but our group will never be the same.  When this day comes I know it will be a day of sadness, but for now I am going to cling tightly to the people and this program knowing that each are a divine gift.