In this season of my life God has been teaching me how to rely on Him through everything, every-little-thing, and that has changed the way I view prayer and tragedies. As Christians, we can get so wrapped up in what we know and understand that we lose the wonder and joy of not knowing. I do not mean “ignorance is bliss” necessarily, but being able to peacefully rest in the knowledge that we do not have to know the next step because the Lord goes before us, carving our hearts for every situation and every event. He, who made our hearts, who molded our flesh, will not abandon us. This is not to say that evil things do not happen or will not happen to us in the future, but rather point out that there is someone to hold us and bring us words of unexplainable comfort in those times.

If you write a timeline of your life, what do you see? I guarantee that you will find ways that the Lord has comforted you through situations, preparing your heart for this world; just as we all prepare for the temptations we know we will battle. It is up to us to remove the veil from our eyes to clearly see our Lord, not our future. Trust me, I very much would love to know that I possess a happy ending in this world, however I know that is not what is promised. My happy ending is being where I am made to be - with Jesus Christ. But until then I will pray that he guides my every step and allows me to be used for the bettering of His kingdom. My relationship with Jesus would not be as strong if I knew what was coming because I would not have to rely on Him for my future. So this fog in front of us, is truly a blessing, as hard as that is to admit.

When I am in this fog, I have seen Jesus pull me closer to others through prayer. Prayer is not a hail mary, a last effort in the game of life. It is the defense and offense, all in one. Prayer with others brings relief to hearts enslaved by imperfection, and is by no means a passive doing. It strengthens hearts and pulls others closer to one another. It breeds vulnerability that cannot hide behind a mask of perfection and misguided sorrow. It deepens the realization that this life is not our own, but God’s. I have so much to learn that a lifetime will not fulfill, but I am confident that there is not a situation for which prayer is not the answer. My Lord is diligent to me, and I pray that my prayers will be to diligent Him as well in everything that I do.

Romans 12:12 ~ Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

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